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cookieandpoo [userpic]


March 28th, 2007 (05:12 pm)

current mood: cynical

We had to go see Chris today.  I love Chris, but the bathing and grooming I could do without, really!

But Mom always says how lovely we look and how sweet we smell...and then fusses over us.

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March 17th, 2007 (05:19 pm)

current mood: distressed

Everyone is watching the Pet Food Recall, right?

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Cookie Saved Mommy!

March 8th, 2007 (05:07 pm)

current mood: contemplative

Mom's been having trouble with her blood sugar control this week, and this morning Cookie SAVED Mom!

She woke Mom up before Mom couldn't wake up!  I wish she'd teach me these things.  I just know I could be a doctor dog, I've already found and "nursed" Mom's wounds!

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We're Still Home!

February 10th, 2007 (04:56 pm)

current mood: recumbent

We were supposed to go to the beach today, but, alas, Mom didn't feel well enough to go.

I just wish she'd get better enough to take me for MY walk!

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January 16th, 2007 (02:10 pm)

Cookie didn't have to get her distemper shot, again!  Instead Dr. Sally does a blood test on Cookie, because she's considered a "geriatric" dog!  HA!

Mom says it's better for Cookie's health, and showed me this article, but I really don't understand it.

Now I know Cookie is supposed to be almost 15 years old, which sounds sort of old, but according to her DogAge test, she's only 67, which is younger than Mom's Eons test for herself!

AND, Cookie has lost more weight (she's now less than 41 lbs) so Dr. Sally said she gets to eat wheat bread and butter...


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Oh Phooey!

January 15th, 2007 (01:31 pm)

current mood: anxious

I have to go see Dr. Sally tonight.  I love Dr. Sally, but do not LOVE shots, blood tests and the whole drill.  At least with an appointment, I no longer have to sit around and wait and get totally freaked like I used to.

Pray for me!


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We're On Our Way Home!!!

January 2nd, 2007 (07:09 pm)


Of course it will take forever because Mom will want to shop at the outlets...sigh.

BUT when we finally do get home, we'll get dinner.  Cookie won't eat on travel day, and I tend to get so excited if I do eat, I tend to get car sick.


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December 30th, 2006 (03:30 pm)

current mood: satisfied

I got my walk on the beach...Of course you know who also had to come, but it's a price worth paying!


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Well Guess Who...

December 27th, 2006 (08:48 pm)

current mood: disappointed

went on an adventure today?  Mom, Miranda, her Mom, and brother were out in the backyard fiddling with this beeping pole (Mom called it a metal detector), and I think Miranda's brother left the downstairs gate open.

All of  a sudden Miranda's Mom looked up and said "it looks like we have a new dog in the neighborhood."  Mom looked across the street and yellled "Cookie!"  There she was, on the  deck of an unoccupied house across the street waiting to be let in!

Miranda and her brother ran across the street and Cookie came trotting home.  I guess she thought going on an adventure by herself wasn't much fun!  I thought I should have a turn to do the same, but alas, Mom said no.  Gee


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Not So Happy Holidays...

December 25th, 2006 (08:13 pm)

for our cousin, Jingle Bells.  Jingy's best friend, Bismarck, a wondermous 12 year old German Shepherd Dog went "over the rainbow bridge".

Maybe Bizzy will find our sisters there to play with...We wish his Mommy all the good memories of his love!


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I Think We're Going...

December 23rd, 2006 (11:09 am)

to the beach.  It looks like packing is going on...More later, and eventually Mom will get us caught up,  She promises!

Cookie and Poo 

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MY Bed Came!

December 13th, 2006 (01:05 pm)

I waited as patiently as I could, really.  But Dad took forever to make up the new bed and kept yelling at me to get off it.  I WAS however the first one in it! HEHE!


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Aww, Fooo....

December 13th, 2006 (09:53 am)

we have to get a bath today.  Mom ordered "my" special "spa" bed for home and it's coming Friday!  The bed will be great...the bath, well, I'll try to be good, afterall Chris does really know me.

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Oh Joy, Oh Joy...

December 8th, 2006 (08:37 pm)

current mood: jubilant

Today was toenail clipping day...finally Mom!

I love to have my toenails clipped because I get to lay on Mom's lap while she feeds me!  Dad does the clipping.  Then I get a treat and wait in the bedroom while my sister has hers done.  If  I didn't wait there, I'd get myself in trouble with Cookie.

Cookie HATES having her nails done.  Mom makes a "jackpot" on the floor, Cookie "plotzes" and starts shrieking even before Dad clips a nail and  Mom has to hold Cookie's head and reassure her.  THEN Cookie eats her jackpot!  She'll eat every piece, even though if it was served as breakfast she'd turn her nose up.  I guess she feels she earned every piece.

I don't get to come out until she leaves the room, or she takes it out on me...sigh.

Isn't life wondermous?!  


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If Your Parents...

December 7th, 2006 (08:31 pm)

are looking for a cute gift, tell them to get Puppy Love: Musings from the doghouse of life.

Mom's cousin gave it to her and it made her laugh.  Then Dad took it to work for all the other doggy Dads!

Cookie and Poo

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We're So Sorry...

November 23rd, 2006 (03:09 pm)

that we're behind, but Mom hasn't been feeling well.  And she hasn't cut our toenails so typing is out.

We have a lot to catch up on..our beach trip, Halloween and what we'll do for/after turkey day.

Happy Thanksgiving...and watch those bones!

Cookie and Poo  

cookieandpoo [userpic]

This Is TOOOO Funny...

October 4th, 2006 (07:27 pm)

current mood: amused

for words: Angry Dog Stage Mothers Sue L.A. Agency

Some Moms need to get their own life, don'tcha think?


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We Followed The Story...

October 3rd, 2006 (07:14 pm)

current mood: sad

With His Mate Wounded, George Tends the Nest avidly.

Sadly Martha the Eagle  was euthanized after sustaining another injury.

What will happen to George now?  Our condolences, George.

Cookie and Poo

cookieandpoo [userpic]

We Did Not Like...

October 1st, 2006 (07:01 pm)

current mood: shocked

this article:

For the Birds, Showing Dogs Who's Boss on washingtonpost.om.

Zapping with an electronic collar?  Mom cried using a martingale collar on Poo to try to teach her to walk nicely.  It did not work!  Positive re-enforcement and me walking with her did!  I of course always knew how to walk nicely!


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We're Hoping To...

September 30th, 2006 (05:44 pm)

current mood: thoughtful

go to the beach later this week!  Stay tuned....

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